We are the band Brother ape with our home habitat based in
Stockholm,the head village in the area.The band in this existing
constellation of three original  members are from the right to left.
Head chef and composing commander with the pipe in the face.
Stefan Damicolas that also leads the vocals.

In the middle section hiding behind the old school 3d glasses.
We have the shining bold beard muppet with chopsticks Max Bergman.
He belief he plays the drums we put in front of him,and that's
good enough!

And in the left corner we placed the man in fez mr Gunnar Maxèn.
Who also is the truly strange enigma for the rest of the bunch.
Suddenly he was there with all his gears!Playing stuff with the feats
on floor pedals,hammering on some keyboards and bending the
fattest strings ever placed on a bass in the northen Europe before.


We were born out of the hard rock mold, but went through a musical metamorphosis in the 90s, when we tested new styles.This grip has taken us to the album No. 6 (FORCE MAJEURE)who now is our point of evolution.Some say we sound like a hybrid of Zeppelin,Muse and Pat Metheny on steroids.That might be some truth in that statement but we always search for new influences on our quest for the ultimate album.As the shape of a trio we played on the festival Slottskogen goes progressive and later on Sweden progfest 2012,Uppsala progressive festival 2015 and some smaller club gigs in between the bigger events.



There are lots of good reviews around the web and some foreign music mags wrote articles about us.One of them,IO pages a Dutch music magazine and we also had a spot in eclipsed Rock magazine from Germany.

Here we are in the eclipsed rock magazine

Here we are in IO pages


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - lead vocals (3,7), guitars Max Bergman - drums, percussion Gurra Maxén - bass, keyboards, vocals Peter Dahlström - lead vocals, bass, keyboards Track listing: 1 The Jerk (5,04) 2 Waiting for the Sandman (4,37) 3 I freak out (4,59) 4 Railways (4,50) 5 Clockworks (5,24) 6 This hour (4,45) 7 Unaccomplished (4,15) 8 Farewell song (4,31) 9 Lucky fool (2,03) 10 On the other side (7,53) Released by Progress Records March 2005.


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - guitars, lead vocals Max Bergman - drums, percussion Gunnar Maxén - bass, keyboards, harmony vocals Track listing: 1 New Shangri-La (6,03) 2 Lunatic kingdom (6,01) 3 Umbrellas (2,13) 4 Inside you (5,11) 5 Beams (6,38) 6 Monasteries of Meteora (4,32) 7 I'll be going (5,48) 8 Tweakhead (2,05) 9 A reason to wake (3,11) 10 Meatball Tour (5,43) 11 Timeless for the time being (7,45) 12 Shangri-La (2,35) Produced by Brother Ape & Hansi Cross Released by Progress Record


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - guitars, lead vocals Max Bergman - drums, percussion Gunnar Maxén - bass, keyboards, harmony vocals Track listing: 1 Universal eye 6:43 2 Cosmic overdose 5:11 3 Monday breakfast 6:55 4 No answer 7:57 5 Another day of wonder 5:51 6 Immortal 5:02 7 All I really want 7:32 8 Human equation 7:05 9 Three 0:54 Produced by Brother Ape Released by Progress Records July 2008.


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - guitars, lead vocals Max Bergman - drums, percussion Gunnar Maxén - bass, keyboards, harmony vocals Track listing: 1 Welcome future 8:22 2 Footprints 6:21 3 No more 3:55 4 Who will be next 6:38 5 Early 0:55 6 Turbulence 7:42 7 No return 9:44 8 Autostrada 6:32 9 Lifeprints 5:51 Produced by Brother Ape Released by Progress Records October 2009.


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - guitars, vocals, eyboards Gunnar Maxén - basses, keyboards, harmony vocals Max Bergman - drums, percussion Track listing: 1 Juggernaut now 7:27 2 Chrysalis 5:34 3 Ultramarathon 7:49 4 Seabound 6:03 5 Instinct 6:52 6 Echoes of madness 9:06 7 The Art of letting go 7:23 8 In a rare moment 3:33 Produced by Brother Ape Released by Progress Records November 2010.


ALBUM INFO: Stefan Damicolas - guitars, vocals, eyboards Gunnar Maxén - basses, keyboards, harmony vocals Max Bergman - drums, percussion Track listing: 1.ENTRY 01:29 2.FORCE MAJEURE 05:43 3.THE MIRROR 06:01 4.DOING JUST FINE 05:13 5.DISTINCTION 06:13 6.LIFE 05:28 7.SOMEWHERE SOMEDAY 06:33 8.A HUNDRED VOICES 06:27 9.THE SPANISH PRISONER 10.AFTER RAIN Released in February 2013


This is our album catalog so far.The first album was some demos we had in the vault that the Progress record label wanted to release.We did some remastering on the demos and put them on this CD named ON THE OTHER SIDE 2005.
The follup up was named SHANGRI-LA 2006 and was mixed both in the Progress studio and in our Monkey cave.
Then we started to experiment with new ways for our sound to develop.On the album simply named THREE or III 2008.
We had a good flow by the time and Stefan come up with new materials for us to test.We called it the Damicolian explosion!And the result after that little creative big bang was sealed behind a baboon face on the album TURBULENCE 2009.
We still had not done any live performance here but we felt a bit to few to handle all the gears for the sound we wanted.

So we focused on deliver new material on album number five.A RARE MOMENT OF INSIGHT 2010.We decided to make next album all acoustic and more mellow.But the material Stefan invented didn't fit the formula so the concept was changed during the work.And we sold our souls to the mainstream devil and tested our music in a smaller pot but tried to keep our ingredients intact.So this is our annoying bubble gum progpop bouncing around in the shape of a golden ape named.FORCE MAJEURE 2013.The album have a hidden track.Its so hidden so when you find it you hear the sound of silence.Panic broke out at the CD factory and after a parley with label they  decided to numb the forbidden message.So our hidden masterpiece went to a piece of silence and that's maybe our best contribution to mankind so far...... 


We have release a digital EP which will contain 4 new songs.This is the first release in a project we have been thinking of doingfor a long time.Instead of working in the frame of 50-60 minutes of music (album)at the time we wanted to present it in smaller doses, so we decidedthat the EP format would suit perfect in this occasion.Each EP will have a different name and the first bundle is called Worlds waiting 

Chief commander tribe leader screwing on his head after a headless gig in Gothenburg 2012

Mr white cap does the pedal dance and makes some bass noise.

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"THIS TRIO HAS DELIVERED SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC THAT HAS BEEN COMPOSED IN THE LAST DECADE"Brother Ape does not rest on their laurels, and once again delivers an album in the top layer of its genre. I would even go so far as to say that this trio has delivered some of the best music that has been composed in the last decade. .
- Henrik Fjørtoft, TARKUS MAGAZINE (Jan 24, 2011)

Their best album to date. You won’t be disappointed!" 9.5/10Now this is an album I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation, having followed the band’s progress since their third album a couple of years back, and having been instantly hooked by their originality and immense talent. Now on their fifth studio album, the Swedes haven’t failed to deliver yet another class release.
- Hannah Sylvester, METAL DISCOVERY (Jan 27, 2011)

"This is the best Brother Ape album yet--and, because of its consistently high content and performances, a strong contender for Top Ten of 2010. One thing this album has that previous Brother Ape albums perhaps lacked is GREAT production--sound is mixed VERY clearly (though the drums are often given a bit too much volume.) "Juggernaut Now" [8/10... "
- Brufordfreak W.A Fisher, PROGAR ARCHIVES (Jan 24, 2011)

"With the risk of losing all credibility as a critic, as the ten ratinggrades are not enough to give this masterpiece full justice, the final grade will be a strong and convincing eleven! 10/10 (11/10) "
- Staffan Vässmar, Artrock (Dec 06, 2010)

Fans of progressive rock should not miss out on this one. Superb!" Rating: 17/20




Progress Records could have yet another great thing going with Brother Ape. Comes highly recommended to progheads who search for something new & very unique.Rating 5 / 5 "

"Brother Ape, as they are rewriting the rules, giving progressive music a new direction without being obnoxious, angular or strange."
- MJBradley , ProGGnosis

Brother Ape knows how use a broad. range of styles and, in a skillful way, turn it in to something of their own. It is not neo, it is not too complex, and also not too commercial. It's the perfect mix. An awesome album!! A must have. 5 / 5 "
- Daniel Eggenberger, PROGGIES (Apr 17, 2005)

The group has visibly expanded its influences, and does not seek to remain in a box.8 / 10 "
- David Taugis , Metal chroniques

This superb album closes with the longest and most incredible track "On the other side" yet again reaching for a perfect blend of seventies American rock with a dash of contemporary prog. I hear elements of Saga, Yes and even Return to Forever genius and Weather Report darkness. "
- John 'BoBo' Bollenberg, The Rocks


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